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Keep an eye on maintenance and repair issues for your properties. Create work orders and send them directly to your vendors and contractors. Create an unlimited number of documents, or choose from pre-built templates.

Personalize with insertable fields from the database. Accounting and rent roll, payment histories, full statements, invoices, receipts, work order details, and much more. A comprehensive help system, live support, user manual, and how-to blog posts.

8 Apps to Boost the Tenant Experience

Over 55 major upgrades with user-inspired features since ! Nothing seemed to suit me or fit all my needs, until I tried Landlord. We work as a team in our office and it is perfect for our needs. Our clients who we've shared reports with also appreciate the bookkeeping and ease of use. Best of all, the customer service is unparalleled.

We appreciate all the modifications that you are doing. Contact Sales Contact Support. Blog About Contact Us Login. Prepare Work Orders Keep an eye on maintenance and repair issues for your properties.

Complete Suite of Reports Accounting and rent roll, payment histories, full statements, invoices, receipts, work order details, and much more. Until I Tried Landlord". Keep in Touch Share.And it's backed by passionate customer support that's only a click away. We will score your leads based on your criteria and let only qualified leads have access to your calendar or get a lockbox code.

You can show the rental yourself, assign the showing to someone else, use electronic lockboxes, combo lockboxes, or key checkout. Your leads can provide a rating and comments on the rental. We put the feedback in an owner report that we can automatically send to your owners. We typically reply to support requests in less than 20 minutes during business hours. We import your listing information so you don't have to enter it in multiple systems.

And after a viewing we send your leads your online rental application. Our pricing is easy to understand, and we don't charge hidden lead fees like the other guys. We even combine leasing line call center and electronic lockbox services into a single monthly price. Tenant Lead Scheduling Software Beautiful software with call center and electronic lockboxes at a predictable, affordable price.

Sign Up Schedule a Demo I'm a renter and want a viewing. Big time tech with a personal touch. Tenant Turner at a glance. Benefits All your leasing activities in one place Centralize all leads in the cloud with our modern tenant lead CRM. Standardize your lead pre-qualification and stay Fair Housing-compliant. Know where your leasing stands at all times with our powerful reporting. Automatically follow up, schedule, confirm, cancel, and collect feedback for every viewing. Optionally add secure self-access with electronic lockboxes.

Never lose a quality lead to a competitor Provide instant responses to all of your tenant leads emails and phone calls.

Automatic and repeated follow up throughout each step of the leasing process. Keep leads engaged and repurpose them for your other available rentals.

Use our email address and phone number in your listings. Set your screening criteria and when your rental is available for viewings. We schedule showings and self-access viewings for you. We collect feedback and provide your rental application. Predictable, affordable pricing. See Pricing Let's get started! Sign Up Schedule a Demo or call for our sales team.There is a free version.

See additional pricing details below. Best For Owners and managers of rental property. The Tenant File is for residential or commercial property, including single family homes, apartments, light commercial and more. Product Details Desktop property management software for owners or managers of rental property. The software is desktop based for security and speed, but is able to email statements to both tenants and owners.

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The Tenant File costs a fraction of the competition, is easy to use, and has the features of much more expensive software.

This includes separate ledgers for Owners, Properties, Units, and Tenants, a reminder system, check reconciliation, and numerous reports. The support is the best in the industry!

Founded in Located in United States. Starting Price. Free Demo. Rental Property Management. Real Estate Property Management. Popular Comparisons. AppFolio Property Manager. Rent Manager. Rentec Direct. SimplifyEm Property Management. Total Management. Ease of Use. Customer Service. I would strongly recommend it. Reports are great, emails are awesome and it works. Also, it would be nice to add more features to manage rentals as other modern softwares have. I find it difficult to get a report on just one property and to get the history along with it.Tenant Pro 7 is a real-estate portfolio software solution for property management companies.

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The application's interface provides a good workflow, being well designed and intuitive. Each main operation opens in a separate tab, in the web-browser style. The Accounting option manages not only the real-estate operations and clients funds, but also company finances, using cash or accrual accounting methods.

It includes a vast array of options, from full general ledger and recurring charges to automated check generation and batch payment processing.

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Tenant management organizes the tenants history, charges, and payments. The Notes feature allows recording of all the contact information, statements, and rent values for each customer. Work orders and repair management help to track the work in progress and reports of work. It keeps detailed records of each individual rental property and can also create bills or charges.

The ownership management keeps track of each property and property owners information. It can also generate financial reports for properties or for groups of properties. The reporting function provides various reports for both accounting and management. Tenant Pro 7 is compatible with all recent Microsoft operating systems, and requires Microsoft.

NET Framework 1. Old versions Tenant Pro 7 7. Cristian Ionescu Editor rating:. Read more. Review summary. Pros Manages all the aspects of the real estate business Customizable and well designed interface. Info updated on: Feb 01, Recent downloads.

Latest updates.Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. Each customer is called a tenant. In a multi-tenant architecture, multiple instances of an application operate in a shared environment. This architecture is able to work because each tenant is integrated physically, but logically separated; meaning that a single instance of the software will run on one server and then serve multiple tenants.

In this way, a software application in a multi-tenant architecture can share a dedicated instance of configurations, data, user management and other properties. Multi-tenancy applications can share the same users, displays, rules -- although users can customize these to an extent -- and database schemaswhich tenants can also customize.

Multi-tenancy has seen a lot of could adoption and is used most with cloud computing. Multi-tenant architectures are found in both public cloud and private cloud environments, allowing each tenant's data to be separated from each other. For example, in a multi-tenant public cloud, the same servers will be used in a hosted environment to host multiple users.

Each user is given a separate and ideally secure space within those servers to store data. Multi-tenancy is also important for the scalability of public and private clouds, and has helped make multi-tenancy a standard. The multi-tenant architecture can also aid in providing a better ROI for organizations, as well as quickening the pace of maintenance and updates for tenants.

There are three main multi-tenancy model types, all with varying levels of complexity and costs. A single, shared database schema is a multi-tenancy model with a multi-tenant database. This is the simplest form out of the three and is a relatively low cost for tenants because of the use of shared resources. This form uses a single application and database instance to host tenants and store data. Using a single, shared database schema allows for easier scaling; however, operational costs can be higher.

Another multi-tenant architecture includes the use of a single database with multiple schemas. This tenant system uses a single application instance with individual databases for each tenant. In addition, this architecture has a higher cost with more overhead with each database. It is a valuable architecture when data from different tenants need to be treated differently -- such as if they had to go through different geographic regulations.

The third type of multi-tenant architecture hosts data in multiple databases. This model is relatively complex in terms of management and maintenance, but tenants can be separated by a chosen criterion. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that come with becoming a host provider and a tenant with multi-tenancy.

tenant software

Some advantages include:. A software-as-a-service SaaS provider, for example, can run one instance of its application on one instance of a database and provide web access to multiple customers. In such a scenario, each tenant's data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.

Multi-tenancy can also be implemented in multi-tier systems such as an SAP system. Multi-tenancy can be contrasted with single-tenancy, an architecture in which each customer has their own software instance and may be given access to source code.

In single-tenant architectures, a tenant will have a singular instance of a SaaS application dedicated to them, unlike multi-tenancy where there are shared services. Because each tenant is in a separate environment, they are not bound in the same way that users of shared infrastructure would be; meaning single-tenant architectures are much more customizable. Multi-tenancy is the more used option of the two, as most SaaS services operate on multi-tenancy. In comparison to single-tenancy, multi-tenancy is cheaper, has more efficient resource usage, fewer maintenance costs as well as a potential for larger computing capacity.Rental Property Management software solutions help property management companies collect payments, manage tenants, and track expenses.

Compare product reviews and features to build your list. What is Rental Property Management Software? All Products. Sort by:. Why Capterra is Free. Select Filters. Recommended Filters. Online Payments. Tenant Tracking. Pricing Options. Free Trial. Monthly Subscription. Annual Subscription.

tenant software

One-Time License. Popular Features. Credit Check. Tax Management. Tenant Portal. Vacancy Management. Website Management. Installed - Windows. Installed - Mac. Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS. Reset Filters. Apply Filters. Filter Results 73 Recommended Filters.

Smoobu Visit Website. Visit Website. Smoobu is a fully responsive vacation rental solution including all the features you need to make your vacation rental business a success story. We provide a true all inclusive solution. Including a PMS, channel manager, website builder, communication, payments, etc. Less stress, happier guests and a better experience for everybody involved in the process Learn more about Smoobu.

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Smoobu offers a vacation rental solution including all the features you need to make your vacation rental business a success Learn more about Smoobu Smoobu is a fully responsive vacation rental solution including all the features you need to make your vacation rental business a success story. Less stress, happier guests and a better experience for everybody involved in the process.

Add to Compare. Zoho Creator View Profile. View Profile.The best property management software allows you to collect rent, manage maintenance requests, and generate vacancy listings — all on an interface that is intuitive and responsive. After interviewing property managers and landlords across the country about their list of must-have features, we tested 15 promising software programs for ease of use and customer service to find the three best.

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We started our search for the best property management software with a wide lens, looking at software tailored to residential and commercial properties, for managers of hundreds of units as well as part-time landlords. We preferred SaaS Software as a Service systems to desktop-only options, meaning that the software is managed by a third-party vendor — faster to implement and less maintenance in the long run. We also skipped over niche software programs like those designed for vacation rentals, which require the managing of new tenants every week.

With baseline criteria set, we interviewed property managers and landlords to find out which tools they use and which tasks keep them busy every day. We learned that there are a handful of must-have features for any property management software.


With this in mind, we reached out to as many companies as we could find and set up trial accounts to see which of those features they offered:. Most property management software allows you to manually record work orders, but to earn one of our top picks, a site had to: a let tenants request work orders online, b let property managers assign work orders to maintenance workers, and c let everyone involved track the process.

We also favored software that lets you pay workers online and record that payment automatically and accurately for accounting purposes.

Single Vs. Multi Tenant

To test our top picks, we made fake accounts for tenants and vendors to recreate this process from start to finish. Can you generate a listing for a given unit or property with the click of a button?

tenant software

Can you easily publish that listing on Zillow, Trulia, and other real-estate sites? Can you screen and manage prospective tenants? The best property management software programs can answer yes to all of these questions. In addition to condensing all your tasks into one place, property management software should let you accurately keep your books, generate reports, and store your important documents. We wanted to find property management software that could take care of all your accounting needs — no QuickBooks or other accounting software required.

All property management software lets you manually enter information about income and payments, but the best goes beyond a simple ledger and lets you receive and make payments online, code transactions for tax purposes, and perform bank reconciliations. It should also automate as much of that accounting work as possible. In addition to reports, we wanted to be able to easily create, store, and search other documents and files like leases, eviction notices, and vendor lists.

If a site let us upload and store files according to tenant and unit, that was good. If it provided templates we could populate with specific information — for example, filling in a generic lease with details about a unit, a tenant, rent, and late fees — even better. To get full points in this category, the software had to offer all that and a search feature, so that a user can still, say, find a certain lease even if they forget which unit or tenant it belonged to.

We also called and emailed customer service multiple times to see which provided quick, thorough, and friendly assistance. Winning companies provided thoughtful customer service reps, dedicated learning center resources, or individualized technical support.

Easy-to-use tools Excellent customer support Learning center resources Pricing structure. Return to top. And we literally mean step-by-step — the tour told us which tabs to click and which features to select, and it provided constant commentary through text or video to explain what every feature did. For those new to property management software, or property management period, this thoughtfully designed digital tour is a valuable tool.

If you do happen to get confused while using the program, Buildium offers plenty of resources to help you figure things out.

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We liked that a real-life human sales consultant, Owen, reached out to us within an hour after we signed up for our free trial, letting us know that he could answer any questions we had as we explored the software. When we sent him questions, we got answers within the same business day, and sometimes the same hour. Each course comes with a course description, course objectives, and outlines of quizzes, along with estimated time for completion.

For such a relatively low price, Buildium has all the comprehensive functionality we looked for, including online rent collection, online work orders, and strong tools for creating, storing, and sharing reports and other documents, and it will serve any type of property manager well.

Great mobile functionality Excellent customer supports Comprehensive property management tools Wide range of plans. Even the most old-school, least tech-savvy contractors can easily use it while performing an inspection. Then property managers get instant, paperless access to all the data those contractors input. Though we had to wait for a couple minutes to speak to an agent, we were provided with friendly, knowledgeable service shortly after.

Like Buildium, AppFolio covers all the bases of a property management software.

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